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About URP

About Unitas Retail Promotions
Unitas Retail Promotions (URP) is for forward thinking retailers who want to entice their convenience store customers with frequent, competitively-priced promotions of grocery, impulse and licensed products whilst still delivering a healthy margin.

URP promotions run back-to-back, year round, on a three-weekly cycle and are supported by dedicated shelf edge, point-of-sale and personalised leaflets to issue to your customers, along with colourful window posters.

URP Benefits
Increased footfall:
Through personalised leaflets, available immediately before the start of each promotion. Existing URP members confirm increased footfall both through existing and new customers.
Extra deals:
URP members receive regular one-off and multi-buy promotions, on top of the perennial three-week promotions.
Business development:
Our long-serving, experienced and dedicated Business Development Team will be able to give you further advice on how to make the most of your membership.
Benefit of experience:
Dhamecha is passionate about developing long-term relationships with its customers. Through our Business Development Team and your local Dhamecha Cash & Carry Management Team, URP membership strengthens that partnership.
Case Studies
Pravin Food & Wine
Mr Pravin Hirani
176 Westcombe Hill
Tickford Superstore after
Pravin joined Day 1 in October 2018 and has been a customer since November 2012 at our Barking branch.
Pravin Food & Wine is located at Westcombe Hill in Blackheath, Southeast London. It is a very densely populated area with many independent businesses such as convenience stores restaurants and cafés. Pravin has owned his store for several years and has built up a great deal of loyalty from local people in the area. He is well respected and well known. He presents his products withby category and clear pricing.
The Dhamecha retail club has certainly assisted Pravin in driving his business. He stated: 
The market is extremely competitive at the moment. If you sit back and do nothing customers, will slowly drift away and visit competitors in the area.

If you do not have additional promotions and activity in the store it does affect the business as consumers are always looking for good deals.

The retail club through Dhamecha has given me the opportunity to compete with others convenience stores and supermarkets, which are nearby. It is a no-brainer. Through the club, you are provided with deals, which attract more customers. You are also given posters, shelf edge labels and consumer leaflets to distribute to houses near your store. That is the key. It's about driving footfall it's not necessarily about the margin you make on the Retail club promotions as once they are in the shop they buy other products which help maintain your margin and support your turnover.
To assist his business he felt it was time was right to change the frontage of his store. He stated: 
The front of your store is marketing your business to people in the local area. If it is not maintained and looks, good customers might go elsewhere. Yes, you keep your loyal customers but it's also about attracting new ones. This is when I decided to contact Dhamecha and get their help to improve the front of the store.
I am so glad that I did.
I have had several comments from my regulars of how the store looks now and this together with the retail club promotions its certainly helping my business.
Pravin is a very proactive retailer. He is keen to drive his business in any way he can. He went on to say: 
If you don't look at ways of improving your store or reinventing different areas and displays - your business will suffer. It is as simple as that. I would certainly recommend Dhamecha for good advice which is right for your business.
Tickford Superstore
Mrs Meera Karunakaran
Tickford Superstore
103 Tickford Street, Newport Pagnell
MK16 9BA
Tickford Superstore after
Meera joined Day 1 in November 2018 and has been a customer for many years through other accounts she and her husband have had at Watford.
Mr & Mrs Karunakaran have been regular customers at Dhamecha Watford for several years. They have operated stores in Luton, Toddington and now Newport Pagnell. Day 1 is not a new concept to them. In their previous store in Luton, they operated the Dhamecha retail club under the Day 1 fascia for several years.

Their newest store Tickford Superstore in Tickford Street, Newport Pagnell has been renovated to a very high standard with new fixtures fittings & freezers throughout. It is very well merchandised, has clear labelling and pricing. Local people in the area have responded well and appreciated the work Mr and Mrs Karunakaran have done in this store.
Meera stated about the retail club: 
The retail club promotions worked so well in our previous store in Luton we wanted to continue this in our new store. Promotional activity is important in a store like ours. We are showing people in the local area that we are competitive and can often compete with the big supermarkets on pricing. Where we have, a major advantage is our relationships with customers. We are getting to know many of our regular customers by their first name. You do not get that in a large supermarket. Service is so important and can often be more important than pricing.
She went on to say about the Day 1 fascia: 
We like the simple terms of the Day 1 package and decided to go ahead with it. It has a distinct colour with attractive graphics, which has certainly made a difference to the front of our store. If it looks good, you have a greater chance of attracting passing trade as well as business from local people. We have felt Dhamecha are keen to do what is right for your business unlike other companies I could mention.

I would certainly recommend to other retailers they speak with Dhamecha as it is so important to listen to suggestions and ideas to improve your business. There is a clear need for independent businesses like ours as people love the service and the community feeling which our store provides.
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